After the bachelor degree in Cinema Studies (Gorizia, 2007), Ferruccio produced his documentary about the Orthodox Easter in Romania, Holidays of Flowers and Trees, screened at the Jean Rouch Film Festival in Paris and awarded as Best documentary at the Lago Film Festival in 2009.

In South Africa he produced My Private Zoo (2012), a feature documentary about the post apartheid condition in the townships, world premiere at Festival dei Popoli and awarded as Best Documentary at Docucity 2013 in Milan.

In 2013 Ferruccio started to produce several reportages for UNHCR organisation about the Syrian’s diaspora in Europe and the war in East Ukraine.

From the experience of migrations he produced Enjoy the Ride (2017), a personal and visionary report on the rescue of migrants in the Mediterranean sea.

In Sardinia he rode through the deep roots of popular medicine and traditional tenor singing.

Currently Ferruccio is developing his last documentary about Sardinian expatriates in Norway.

Ferruccio works with the highest quality 4K cameras (Sony / Blackmagic / Fujifilm), directs aerial shots with 4K drone (Dji), can records great sound with the best microphones (Sennheiser / Deity Pro / Zoom / Sony), Ferruccio smoothly captures the scene trough pro gimbal (Zhiyun), and he edits with the best post production software around the globe (DaVinci Resolve Studio on Apple computers).

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